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Blog 04/12/2019

Deployment on Tibco Administrator Using Jenkins


Since Jenkins and Tibco are two most widely used Software products available in market and there is too little information available in public domain about deploying Tibco BW 5.x ear file on Tibco Administrator using Jenkins and Github, hence we will be dealing with in this blog.

Jenkins is one of the most important tools used in CICD pipeline for deployment. It's a free and open source. Tibco is one of the most widely used middleware platforms available in the IT world. In this blog we will be dealing with Tibco BW 5.x ear file to be deployed on Tibco administrator using Jenkins.


1. Jenkins server must be installed. It can be downloaded from Jenkins.io by clicking on the "Download" button.


One can modify the port on which Jenkins server will be running by modifying Jenkins.xml file @ C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins

Jenkins 1

2. Tibco administrator server must be up and running.

Jenkins 2

3. Acces / Repository should be on Github.

Jenkins 3

4. Soap UI must be installed. Soap UI can be downloaded from https://www.soapui.org/.


Getting started

BW Project:

  • Create a Sample BW Project AddNumbers.
  • Create a Schema (Numbers) as shown below. It takes two numbers as input and provides Sum of the numbers as output.
Jenkins 4
  • Create an AbstractWSDL.
Jenkins 5
  • Create a Http Connection. For convenience, I am using localhost with port 8769.

Jenkins 6
  • Create a BW Process with Service Pallet.

Jenkins 7
Jenkins 8
Jenkins 9
  • Extract and Save the concrete WSDI generated from Service Pallet.
Jenkins 10

Soap Project

  • Create a new Soap Project by importing the saved SOAP WSDl.
Jenkins 11
  • Test the BW Addition Service.
  • Start the BW designer containing Addition Project and fire a request from soap UI. The web service should get invoked and we should get back addition of two numbers as response.
Jenkins 12
Jenkins 13
  • Check-in the project into Github.
Jenkins 14
  • Configure Github repository into Jenkins.
Jenkins 15
  • Under Build Section of the job insert the following command:
buildear.exe -s -ear /Tibco_Service.archive -o D:\Aman\Jenkins_Workspace\Tibco_Service.ear -p D:\Aman\Jenkins_Workspace\Tibco_Service
  • Tibco gives out of Box functionality to Build ear, out of deployment configuration mentioned in Tibco Project.
Jenkins 16
  • Create another Jenkins Job to extract Global Variables and deploy into Tibco Admin.

  • Create a new Jenkins job and under the configure section of the new job put the following two commands:

AppManage -export -ear D:\Aman\Jenkins_Workspace\Tibco_Service.ear -out D:\Aman\Jenkins_Workspace\Tibco_Service_Local.xml
AppManage -deploy -ear D:\Aman\Jenkins_Workspace\Tibco_Service.ear -deployconfig D:\Aman\Jenkins_Workspace\Tibco_Service_Local.xml -user admin -pw admin -domain admin 

Appmanage is a utility which is available in the bin folder of TRA and can be used to extract deployment configurations from the ear and to deploy ear in the administration domain through the command line.

Jenkins 17
  • Execute the Jenkins Job.

  • Click on "Build Now" under the Jenkins job as shown below.

Jenkins !8

After the Jenkins job is completed successfully, the Tibco_Service.ear file will be created as a defined location in the command.

Jenkins 19

Extract the GV XML and deploy the ear file on the administrator:

  • Click on the second Jenkins job which has the script to extract GV xml and deploy on administrator.
  • Click on "Build Now" of the second job as shown below.
Jenkins 20
  • Deployment logs can be monitored by clicking on the job instance and then Console Output as shown below.

Jenkins 21
  • In order to verify the deployment you have to log in to Tibco Administrator and click on Tibco_Service.
Jenkins 22

Please make sure the service is in running state and no errors are reported. 

Deployed Service can be verified by sending a request again by Soap UI and verifying the result.

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