Business Process Modeling – BPM

Business Process Modeling – BPM

Business Process Modeling (BPM) has added value for every business. If every organization makes its business processes more efficient and effective, the company can operate at lower costs and achieve more profit, which creates more motivated employees, which in turn results in more satisfied customers. Innovation is an important component within the organization and must be a part of daily operations. In addition, some flexibility is expected with regard to employees.

By correctly applying BPM, every organization can increase productivity with fewer resources. In these times, cost optimization is a priority for every organization.

Rivium BPM Nationale Nederlanden NN Business Process Modeling

Peter Maureau

Process thinking instead of functional thinking.

The first signs of BPM became visible some 25 years ago. Efficiency was high on the list, and the first shift from functional thinking to process thinking appeared at the start of the 1990s. The correlation of the various steps that take place at multiple departments was examined under the microscope with the goal of optimizing the traditional course of action by focusing on more efficient and logical business processes.


Rivium Business Solutions also embraces the “agile” way of working. This new form of working was implemented so that we could address our customers’ needs even better. The result of agile working is that the meeting culture has become a thing of the past, and everyone within the organization enjoys more responsibility.

Squads instead of traditional teams

Squads and tribes are inextricable parts of the agile concept. Within squads, self-managing autonomous teams work on a specific task. When a task has been completed, the squad is disbanded and the squad members can become part of other squads. Several squads are active within a tribe.’

Rivium BPM Business Process Modeling

Workflow medewerkers

Rivium BPM Business Process Modeling

Human and System Interaction

Rivium BPM Business Process Modeling

Approval Processes

Rivium BPM Business Process Modeling


Rivium BPM Business Process Modeling

Dynamische processen

Case Management

Case: Nationale Nederlanden

NN is diversifying fast from classic Insurance business and coming up a with a new product in the market by this year end , Investments is one of such products where customers will be able to invest in stock market via NN.
We have helped in designed as well as development and maintaince of the entire project and large chunk of the project is in AMX BPM 2.3 , The solutions is primarily implemented using generic interfaces and as per SOA standards, it highly scalable for future enhancements and requirements.

AMX BPM is taking care of customer provisioning into various systems like Ohpen , Sales force and SAP. It also take care of customer back ground checks for different frauds/ irregularities from various Government agencies. AMX BPM also takes care of providing real time information to various stake holders and customer about the status of the Application. We have developed customized pages / forms for error handling.

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