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Development of (customized) software

Intensive collaboration before and during the building process enables fast delivery. We will host and maintain your software, which you can start using from day one: Customized Software-as-a-Service.


Front-end development

Javascript (jQuery / Angular JS)

Our JavaScript Developers specialize in building websites, web applications and web-based tools. They often use JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery and Angular JS.

JavaServer Faces (JSF)

JavaServer Faces are used by our Java developers to build server-side UI components for Java-related web applications. Web services are used by our Java developers to build back-end interfaces such as accessing your existing ESB services on a front-end application or securely accessing your data model via Java Beans.

Java Swing

Swing clients are used by our Java developers if you want to run standalone applications with functionality without using a browser client.

Back-end development

TIBCO Developer EMS (AMX Business Works) / Websphere

Our TIBCO Developers specialize in building middleware to simplify and accelerate integration processes, improving real-time data management and distribution for your business.

Java EE

Our developers use Java EE to build applications. The Java EE platform offers an API and runtime environment to develop and implement large-scale, scalable, reliable and secure network applications.

Frits van Oyen

Rivium has a history of developing customized software. We have been active in the financial sector since 1997 and, as a business, have amassed specific knowledge about processes, infrastructure and data usage. We’ve applied our knowledge and experience to create innovative software solutions including Market Data GRIP, FEIS2ATS, Web2ATS and MyDealingroom. Although these tools focus on the financial world, we do, of course, operate outside this sector. We are currently developing a reporting tool, called Mango, for pension administrators. From customized interface to complete suite: Rivium can do it all.

How do we work?

You want a reliable, functional product that works the way you want it to. And that’s exactly what we deliver. Which is why we’ve described our work process below.

Phase 1: Preparation

  • Identify the objective
  • Present possible solutions
  • Select the right solution and a design

Phase 2: Start the building process

  • Rapid basic application design with functionalities
  • You are involved at every stage of decision-making

Phase 3: Administration

  • We offer total maintenance
  • Your data are secure: stored locally or in the cloud

Java & TIBCO developers

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