Integration. Application Development and Middleware Management

Application Development

Rivium offers specific integration knowledge to optimize and integrate your business. We can do this on a project basis or through direct manpower. We also work together with TIBCO, among others. If you would like to integrate internal/external applications using ESB, outsource your middleware infrastructure administration or migrate existing systems to an entirely new architecture, we can help. No integration issue is unsolvable for Rivium.

Uniform approach to data provisioning

Organizations are depending increasingly on data use and ESB access to stay successful in a competitive environment or for effective operations. And this dependency on data is growing, making a good BPM solution, such as TIBCO BPM, increasingly important. That’s why smart data management is so vital.

Middleware Management

For SaaS Services, Rivium offers a Hosting solution option or a PaaS Middleware service.

  • For a SaaS Hosting solution, we offer our clients worry-free IT-service continuity and/or middleware availability. That’s because these are all in our Cloud, where continuity is a top priority and real-time backup/mirror systems are customized to your requirements, resulting in fewer worries and lower administration costs.
  • Our customers have set up their own private Cloud for a PaaS Middleware service contract. We can provide our knowledge and support as an external service for the PaaS Middleware TIBCO, PaaS Middleware WebSphere or PaaS Middleware Tomcat team that wishes to directly translate business needs into applications in the middleware environment. Examples include Capacity Management, Life Cycle Management and Patch Management on your middleware. We take your ITIL process for support into account and use an issue tracker to monitor all changes to your environment as a standard User Story, from the test environment to the implementation date in production.
  • The quality of our services and a fast time to market are essential. That’s why our Dev and Ops engineers work with the Agile/Scrum development method, and we employ a team structure of DevOps together with the software end users. Fast feedback and direct communication result in a much improved and positive user experience of the services we deliver.

Our Cloud Architecture

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John Twickler – Software Engineer

At Rivium Business Solutions – Integration you get every opportunity to develop within IT. We are a small, enthusiastic company supplying all IT services, which means you aren’t immediately pigeonholed; something that happens to IT employees in a (too) large organization. In my lead integration role, I find teamwork, the agile method within a development team (Scrum or Squad) and fun (learning curve) to be important factors for professional growth. A good work atmosphere, customer-friendliness and professionalism are important to us; assuming an active role in one of our Competence Centers is simply a logical action that stems automatically from your interest in developing. We don’t just email each other, but actually have face-to-face conversations. Like my colleagues, I also coach Young Professionals and give Training/JAM Sessions through one of our Competence Centers.

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Well educated

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Platform independent

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Our employees speak and understand the Dutch language

Eigen teams met 24/7 beheer en monitoring

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Developers, administrators and (senior) consultants

Case: Rivium invests in the building of new solutions for ING Domestic NL

Using Rivium’s knowledge of TIBCO EMS integration, ING was able to simplify its existing business processes for CoreBank Savings. This involved: optimizing business processes between Savings and Current Accounts for further real-time rendering of the Savings Accounts lifecycle; and a ZKV Loans migration from TIBCO EMS 5.1 to TIBCO EMS 8.5 stack to ensure that PaaS TIBCO support can be continued 24/7. Our Java and TIBCO expertise (Development) is being used to further simplify existing business processes for business credit and TIBCO PaaS support (Integration). Migrating ING’s existing systems to Cloud solutions is an important goal for further administration cost savings and assisting ING customers with their business growth from every location.

Our customers and partners

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