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Interim Professionals

Rivium meets your capacity requirements with fully customized solutions. We find the right specialist for your project. We provide professional IT assistance quickly, diligently and at competitive rates. Rivium offers your organization flexible, experienced and qualified professionals who immediately contribute to your business processes. You can hire us to assist you with your projects, unexpected failures or understaffed periods.

We have:


TIBCO Developers

Our TIBCO Developers specialize in developing and integrating TIBCO middleware. Managing and distributing real-time data is optimized through simplified integration processes.

Java Developers

Our Java Developers specialize in building web and other applications, and server-side UI components for Java-related web applications. They also work closely with customers to build software that immediately adds value for the user.



Our TIBCO DevOps are developers with expertise in managing middleware integration processes and infrastructures. This improves your business data management, distribution and administration. Rivium’s TIBCO section has both long-standing hands-on experience as well as the most recent TIBCO certification.

Linux Engineers

Our Linux Engineers work on cloud infrastructures, connecting servers and the setup of monitoring tools for our customers. Our Linux DevOps are the link between administrators and software developers, which significantly stimulates communication within scrum/squad teams.



Our TIBCO BPM experts are very familiar with business processes within large organizations. Automated processes and intuitive organizational operating practices decrease dependence on IT.

Infrastructure Consultants

Our Infrastructure Consultants specialize in migrating and managing server environments. They are fully involved in projects, from technical setup creations to project implementation. They also work on cloud infrastructures, connect servers and setup monitoring tools for our customers, manage, secure and improve complex networks, install hardware (routers, switches and firewalls) and keep networks operational (eliminate incidents and implement changes).

Peter Maureau

Labor dynamics are a defining feature of our time. Dynamic labor deployment requires both adaptable employers and employees. Up-to-date knowledge, the correct certifications and adapted training for our employees are our starting points. Companies can request dynamic deployment of our employees for a prompt response to peaks in labor demand. Our employees have opted for dynamic deployment on various projects for different employers. We want to create a productive environment in which employees get the most out of themselves while helping companies achieve the best possible results. A satisfied employee is a satisfied customer. That’s why Rivium employees are just as important as our customers. Our experienced and skilled specialists are ready to make the difference at your dynamic organization.

Indemnification from employee risks

Flexibility, continuity and bonding with the interim professionals

No worries about pension and illness absenteeism administration

Commitment for the delivery of specific (technical) knowledge

Ensured of specialized knowledge and experience

An independent partner

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