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With more than 20 years’ experience in the financial sector, Rivium has the most comprehensive market knowledge in the Benelux. We provide services worldwide for various platforms. Our specialists are independent of platform and data vendor.

Market Data provides real-time data of dealingrooms for banks and financial institutions. We deliver the required financial information to the client 24/7 and have both front and back-end expertise in-house.

For relocating a dealing room, building an application, developing a market data environment, consultancy, 24/7 support or designing customer-oriented solutions, Rivium is your all-around market data partner.

Market Data

Fast-moving financial markets and a fast time to market are the daily ingredients of a well-oiled dealing room. Traders and advisors must be able to rely on the applications and infrastructures needed to send real-time data to the trading floor and to back-office systems.

We are involved in infrastructures and processes from start to finish. From complete managed services to the development of customized interfaces, Rivium is your direct finger on the market pulse!

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Hans van Sligtenhorst – Business Unit Manager

I’m Hans van Sligtenhorst, Business Unit Manager Market Data at Rivium Business Solutions. As Business Unit Manager, I’m responsible for development, service/delivery, the well-being of my team and, of course, revenue.

I’ve been working at Rivium since 2001, together with my service teams, to support and offer consultancy to our country’s leading banks. As well as service teams serving these clients, we also have a development team. This team develops applications for banking institutions, energy brokers and insurance companies worldwide. GRIP is one of the many applications developed by this team. GRIP offers financial institutions insight into Market Data use in the dealing room. Market Data is known to be one of the biggest cost items within the financial world. In 2015 this cost item amounted to more than EUR 20 billion worldwide. Institutions can achieve significant savings by obtaining insight into their Market Data costs.

Partly because of my passion for Market Data and the knowledge we amassed over the years, combined with service and our development team, we have carved out an indelible position in a niche market, better known as the financial services industry.

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Market Data GRIP

Rivium has developed a tool to analyze data usage, enabling data demand to be identified and offset against contracts with data vendors. Market Data GRIP can help you achieve enormous cost savings.

Market Data GRIP realtime data Rivium

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