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Rivium Market Data Realtime diensten banken dealingroom dealingrooms


Market Data

Market Data provides real-time data for the dealing rooms of banks and financial institutions. We make sure that the necessary financial information is delivered to the client 24/7. We have in-house expertise in both the front-end and back-end areas.



Rivium offers specific integration knowledge that optimizes and integrates your business. Do you want to integrate internal/external applications with each other using an ESB, outsource administration or migrate existing systems to an entirely new architecture? No problem is unsolvable.

diensten Rivium interim professionals detacheren detachering


Interim Professionals

Rivium will meet your capacity requirements with a fully customized solution. We provide professional ICT assistance quickly, diligently and for a competitive price. Rivium offers your organization flexible, experienced and qualified professionals who immediately contribute to your business processes.

diensten development rivium TIBCO Java Javascript



We have experienced developers who can work in both the front-end and back-end areas. You can ‘lease’ our employees or have us develop your customized software. Thanks to our flexibility, we can quickly get you the reinforcement your business needs.

Rivium BPM Business Process Modeling diensten



TIBCO BPM is a leading platform that improves your digital business by coordinating and connecting processes, people, context and actions. With its flexible processes, TIBCO BPM is able to respond to your needs in real time at the organizational level, thereby optimizing your business.